The target of this Area is to protect company resources, focusing on avoiding liabilities caused by fraud or negligence, likewise on detecting leaks which may occur on your business and may affect reaching corporate goals.

Generally speaking, micro, little and medium size companies doesn’t have an established administration, and, in most cases, they work in an empirical way, solving problems on the go, which will bring unplanned financial problems to your company. This situation could be prevented by having a pre-planned internal control.

Developing an ad-hoc internal control to every corporation, which allows them to optimize the proper use of resources to achieve an adequate financial and administrative management, obtaining not only better productivity levels, but also feeding the system from information which will help executives in their key decisions and assist effectively both administrative and financial audits.

Company internal controls are decreasing chances of fraud and errors on their financial information; regulatory entities categorize them as a company that complies with laws and regulations which will generate a positive impact on their businesses, to the extent that it could attract better and lucrative investments.