National Resources: Licenses, Government permits, unloading permits, sewage water discharge register.

Wildlife: Licenses, import permits or receipts, export or re-export of specimens, parts or wildlife derivatives. Register or Renewal of Handling Units for Wildlife Conservation (“Registro o Renovación de Unidades de Manejo para la Conservación de la Vida Silvestre”).

Atmosphere: Annual Operation Identification Card (“Cédula de Operación Anual”) and Unique Environmental License (“Licencia Ambiental Única”).

Land: Public programs related to handle of urban solid waste, public planification related to handle of materials and hazardous waste, Registration as a producer of hazardous waste, Preemptive inform of environmental impact, authorizations, government permits and federal, sea and shore area permits.

Environmental Impact: Justified technical studies, Preemptive inform and environmental impact manifestations, Registration as a producer of hazardous waste, Temporal import of materials and waste return, authorization to introduce pesticides to national soil, veggie nutrients and substances and hazardous or toxic products, authorization to export dangerous products and Environmental Compliance Declaratives.

Industry: Environmental Audit, Environmental Litigation and Collective trials.