Legal Services

Legal Audit.

We help you on detecting your business status, which allows us to juridically organize it and prevent legal risks.

Contracts and Amendments.

We offer drafting, reviewing, negotiation and approval of all kind of commercial contracts and amendments.

Internal Control.

Assessment on how to protect company resources, which will avoid liabilities related to fraud or negligence.


We give assessment to our clients on their legal needs and compliance.

Administrative Law

Assistance on procedural administrative responsibilities against public servers, trials, etcetera.

Environmental Law

Reviewing of topics related to National Resources, Wildlife, Environmental Impact, Industry, etcetera.

Corporate Law

We give support to our clients not only to their daily corporate needs, but also on their big size and complex operations.

Labor and Social Security Law.

We have a broad experience for legal representation and assessment to a group of companies on their labor and social security affairs.

Criminal Enterprise Law

We have a team of attorneys with a broad experience on criminal affairs.

Project Financing and Development

We offer assessment to any person interested on infrastructure project financing and development.

Corporate Governance

We have a team of lawyers which are experts on the drafting, review, transformation or modification of all kind of companies.

Trademarks and Patents

We represent our clients on topics related to trademarks, since their registration at IMPI; copyright, patents and industrial secrets.

Commercial Insolvency

We offer services for recovery of creditor’s claims, charging a fee percentage below average.

Pro Bono

We offer legal assessment to various charitable causes.

Privacy Data Protection

We give assessment and respond enquiries which guarantees rights tutelage and principles that rule the subject.


Assessment on all kind of company transactions related to any Mexican financial law that applies.

Information Technology (Hardware, Software and Services)

Drafting all kind of documents that withstand innovative operations which are focused on IT businesses.

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 About Us

About Us

Somos la primer firma legal en brindar servicios jurídicos especializados en negocios de tecnologías de la información.
Buscamos ser parte esencial en fabricantes, desarrolladores, integradores, mayoristas y canales de distribución, ofreciendo soporte legal con calidad, eficiencia, ética profesional y lenguaje técnico.

Our solutions

Iguala mensual (mínimo 12 meses).
Iguala mensual (mínimo 12 meses).
Contracts and amendments, legal audit, consulting and administrative procedures.
Recovery of past due loans or credits, accounts or debts that have not been paid.
Preventive legal insurance coverage to big projects, including accompaniment and representation.

We are here to assist you in any queries you have about our services.